Aerial Photography for Advertising

Aerial Photography for Advertising

SkyTec Ireland  have a proven track record for producing top quality videos for their clients. When larger scale or more complex videos are required we will work in conjunction with a Cork based video production company, Dog Day Media, using our unmanned aircraft to take the aerial video footage. This is an area we knew would lead to a potential market as the cost of hiring an aeroplane or helicopter is restrictive and can be impracticable. Not only can we save on price using unmanned aircraft but also on time as the results for our customer will be seen immediately when the UA lands. If more filming is required then we simply launch the drone again and review the footage a short time later. Can you imagine the cost of hiring a helicopter to video record an event and it fails to capture the required film? Will it return the same day, and if it does return eventually, the flying costs per hour and daily charges will have soared! SkyTec Ireland will not levy extra charges for re-launching on the same day while on site. It's a 'no-brainer' as some of our clients have remarked.  

Estate Agents and anyone selling their own property should think of the advantage of having a high quality picture taken from the air. It is no longer an option open to the more prestigious and expensive end of the market. Our unmanned aircraft can deliver very quickly the high resolution photography needed to encapture the whole of the property and surrounding grounds at a lower cost than expensive aeroplanes or helicopters. 


Cinester 8 in hover


Our Cinestar 8, especially re-engeneeried and designed for the media industry has benefited from in house improvements to include a raised undercarriage and longer endurance. 

This unmanned aircraft carries a significant payload so can support cameras like the Cannon EOS 650 and 5D. If you have a requirement to carry a payload up to 1.7 kgs or more for top quality imagery and videography this is the best on the market. 

SkyTec Ireland using its own in-house design technology has full control of all the camera functions to deal with any changing circumstances in flight.