Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Using Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA)

The industrial sector in Ireland can now benefit from the use of SkyTec Ireland's technology. Up until now obtaining aerial imagery has been very expensive due to the high cost of hiring an aeroplance or helicopter fitted out with a stabilised camera mount, which all adds to the expense.  

Now there is an alternative method to achieve very high resolution results at an affordable cost.  

Aerial Photography For Advertising


SkyTec Ireland have a well established track record of producing outstanding aerial imagery. Photographs taken for our clients have appeared in many outlets around the world. The same can be said for our videos which have been used by TV companies for documentaries and commercials. 


Estate Agents and anyone selling their own property should think of the advantage of having a high quality picture taken from the air. It is no longer an option open only to the more prestigious and expensive end of the market. Our unmanned aircraft can deliver, very quickly, the high resolution photography needed to encapture the whole of the property and surrounding grounds at a lower cost than expensive aeroplanes or helicopters.