Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveys

SkyTec Ireland can carry out aerial surveys at a fraction of the cost of hiring a helicoptor or aircraft, and can provide same-day results. 

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East Tip, Haulbowline


During Skytec Ireland's training and trials the UAS was put to good use by Cork County Council to survey and create a map of the East Tip prior to contractors moving onto the site. The digital imagery was rectified, geo-referenced and layered onto the existing Google Earth image. The overlay immediately permitted the user to observe the changes since the satellite overflew to record the images (2006). In particular the area of flooding which was caused by a breach in a small area of the northern shores. 

While SkyTec Ireland was engaged on the project we demonstrated how a selected part of the imagery could be turned into a 3D model. This was of interest as the breach was one of the chosen areas to be recorded in this manner. A software programme under development has allowed this breakthrough in producing 3D images from standard J-PEG photographs. Who needs to use the services of an expensive helicopter or aeroplane, camera crews and LIDAR to obtain a 3D picture!

Coastline Survey

SkyTec Ireland completed a contract to record the shoreline of Haulbowline's East Tip for Cork County Council. The requirement was to survey the low tide mark by taking high resolution photographs of the coast to the low tide point which only gave us about an effective hour a day as the tide turned. However it was completed in two days and the results were geo-referenced onto Google Earth to enable measurements to be taken. The image below shows the results of our survey that clearly indicate the difference in the satellite imagery used by Google Earth and those obtained by using SkyTec Ireland's unmanned aircraft. The distance between the coast and low tide can be measured with a great deal of accuracy. Furthermore, any particular sections of the coastline can now be recorded as a 3D image indicating a visual and measurable slope, if that is required.