Industrial Inspections

Industrial Inspections

Industrial inspections can be carried out quickly and efficiently using our state-of-the-art drones and cameras. This is a highly effective way to survey the condition of industrial infrastructure or to examine problems before hiring expensive equipment.



Structural Inspections

SkyTec Ireland specialise in carrying out inspections to any structure where height is an issue. We can inspect floodlights, gantries, water tanks, lightning conductors, wind turbines etc, quickly and safely with minimum interruption to our client's business.

Roof Inspections

Our UAS are ideal for surveying the condition of roofs or locating problems before repair work is carried out. 

Inspections of Churches & Historical Buildings

Churches and historical buildings administrators can safetly acquire reliable and accurate imagery of the condition of their buildings without impeding daily usage or restricting access to the building.

Tall Chimney Inspections

Tall chimneys which require inspections at regular intervals are abundant in this country. These inspections involve the erection of industrial scaffolding, in keeping with Health & Safety requirements, plus possible closure of the site. The cost implications to the owners of these tall chimneys and structures becomes a huge financial burden. With unmanned aircraft SkyTec Ireland can complete the inspection in a day and deliver high resolution digital photographs which are acceptable to the insurance assesors and any regulatory body that oversees the safety of such tall structures.

Power Line Inspections

SkyTec Ireland can examine high-tension power lines with minimum impact on the service being provided. We have successfully surveyed power lines and their associated infrastructure without the need to cut service to our client's customers.

Flare Tip Inspections

SkyTec carried out the Ireland's first live flare tip inspection in July 2013 at Whitegate Refinery in Cork. The results were staggering and SkyTec was able to provide high quality imagery at a fraction of the costs of the alternative options.