Industrial Inspections

How SkyTec Ireland's Unmanned Aircraft can Revolutionise Industrial Inspections

So you have a requirement to carry out an inspection of the external condition of your factory, dwelling or place of business. Already you know its going to require the costly erection of scaffolding and a time-consuming disturbance. How many times have you had to endure this annual or necessary inspection? Perhaps the last time you were required to do this no fault was detected yet you still had to finance this costly inspection.

SkyTec Ireland can complete this inspection for you without the use of scaffolding and in a fraction of the time. You will have the results very quickly in the form of high resolution photography for you to zoom in and closely inspect any suspect areas. From this you can then determine if there is any requirement to have the extra expense of hiring scaffolding plus the safety statement, as required.

What we do is operate our state-of-the-art unmanned aircraft (drone) to digitally record a photographic survey covering the required areas or the whole building. We control the camera so can concentrate on any particular part of the building you require. This can be done in a few hours, depending on size of the building. There is no scaffolding involved, no health and safety implications and no disruption to your business.

As you read this I am sure you will have realised the financial benefit this new technology can bring to your business. At last there is an alternative way of completing a preliminary inspection well before you go hiring cranes, cherry-pickers or scaffolding. 


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