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SkyTec SUA Academy Overview


The SkyTec SUA Academy Ground and Flight Training courses fulfil the National Regulations pertaining to training requirements and standards of competency that must be attained prior to the issue of an Specific Operating Permission. The operator of an Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) who intends to carry out commercial operations using a drone weighing over 4 kilograms are required to be the holder of an Specific Operating Permission.

The course will enable SUA pilots and associated personnel, under the present regulations, to acquire the knowledge to safely operate SUA in Irish Airspace with a mass of less than 25 kilograms. This applies to operating a SUA under unaided visual line of sight currently limited to 400ft above ground level and 300 metres horizontal distance unless you hold a Specific Operating Permission.

Although there is no requirement to pre-study course content, it will be an advantage to students to have a working knowledge of the IAA regulations and it is highly recommended these are studied prior to commencing the course. The following document should be studied and will be used as part of the examination: 

IAA Statutory Instruments No. 563 of 2015​ 

Aeronautical Knowledge Course  

The objective of this program is to produce candidates whose levels of technical, regulatory and aeronautical knowledge meet standards expected by the IAA for SUA operators. Completion of this program fulfils the IAA requirement that 'a person has successfully undertaken a course of safety training’.

The two day course is essential for candidates who wishes to apply to the IAA for SUA Operators License or a Specific Operating Permission. 

Course Dates and Registration

For information on the next available course dates and registration download the Registration Form (SkyTec Form SA 01) here then proceed to the registration page, attach completed forms to the registration form and submit. 

Or by post to:

SkyTec SUA Academy, Imerc Entrepreneur Ship, Ringaskiddy, Co.Cork, Ireland. 


Next dates for the Aeronautical Subjects Ground School and Examination: Choice the required month then submit the Form SA 01 as an attachment to an email for This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 Actual two days for the course can be arranged with SkyTec Academy by contacting Steve Slade on Mob:0872706848


 All other training requirements and courses are by arrangements  

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