Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Applicant Acceptability

The SkyTec SUA Academy accepts only applicants who provide satisfactory evidence of identity. The minimum standard of documentation acceptable for this purpose is photographic identification (a passport, driving licence or identity card) plus proof of a genuine residential address (a recent utility bill). Personal data collected by SkyTec will be stored in accordance with the company’s privacy policy and will be used exclusively for identity validation.

SkyTec Ireland reserves the right to refuse to flight train candidates who, in the opinion of the course co-ordinator, would be unable to operate a SUA safely and in accordance within current aviation regulations. The co-ordinator will use common sense and whatever guidelines the IAA might provide in order to judge applicant acceptability.

Whenever possible a means to accommodate an individual applicant will be found, for instance a protocol that restricts the applicant to operate as a member of a team accompanied by an able-bodied, qualified, co-operator. Negotiations will be conducted openly and in consultation with the IAA.

Acceptable Behaviour

The usual standard of exam vigilance will take place throughout the examination process. Any attempts to gain advantage by copying, cheating or by having material deemed unacceptable will result in that candidate forfeiting the opportunity to have their paper assessed. This includes failing to comply with the invigilator’s instructions and causing unnecessary disruption to the examination.

Any appeal will not be successful on the grounds of illness if you attend and commence an examination. The candidate should withdraw from the examination prior to commencement and lodge an appeal to the SkyTec Academy management who will be sympathetic in negotiating another time without financial penalty.

The Ground School Examination Re-Sits

The Aeronautical Knowledge Course may be re-taken up to a maximum of three times with each re-sit requiring a separate fee. Failure to pass the course after three attempts will require a complete re-take of that course syllabus prior to a further attempt of the Ground School examination. This will attract an additional fee.

Only one re-sit attempt can be made on the same day as the initial exam. Further attempts after that to pass the examination can commence only after the candidate has had the opportunity to revise. This can be the next day if SkyTec staff are available by arrangement.